Tips to Buy a Quality Tactical Kilt!

Tips for Buying a Quality Tactical Kilt

Here are some tips to help you buy a good tactical utility kilt. This is not rocket science.


Quality always comes first

Never compromise on the quality of your Kilt. Always inquire about the material of the kilt. Most often, the lowest quality kilts are sold on Amazon or Ebay for a much lower price. ehHHH! It’s too embarrassing to name!


Size is also important. The right size is essential. Kilt & Jacks asks for the exact size. We are always available to assist you with sizing.

Just a heads up! Let me give you a general way to size here.

The waist of a kilt measures from the belly button. The length measures from the belly button to your upper knee. When measuring, be still and calm. It’s easy to see!

Where to purchase a Tactical Kilt?

I couldn’t have been more direct. We are the best available on the market, and we ensure that both quality and size are maintained at a low price. You want the best Kilt so buy from the best.

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