Qualities of Real Estate Agent

What qualities should you have if you want to be a Real Estate Agent

Surely you have heard that working in the real estate sector is very killed but very well paid, depending on whether you dedicate yourself to the sale or rental of real estate and in which city.

Being a real estate agent specialist in leasing is not easy as it requires certain innate qualities, skills, studies, and experience in customer service. A specialist agent in real estate leasing is one who offers services related to the sale and rental of properties such as: houses, apartments, offices, commercial premises, land, warehouses, or industrial buildings.

Its main functions are the commercialization of properties, the acquisition of new clients, mediation between buyers and sellers and management of documentation and contracts, among many other tasks.

Although we are facing a global crisis, the real estate market is constantly growing, which is reflected in the high demand for specialized and trained real estate consultants.

On many occasions it has been thought that a real estate advisor is just another seller and it is not. It is something wrong to perceive it that way since a real estate consultant must not only have developed personal skills with an empathic approach but must also have the necessary knowledge about this sector.

The work of a real estate agent is very varied, no day is the same, so that anyone is not trained to develop this profession, real estate agents must be versatile people who meet the following characteristics:

Skills that a Real Estate Agent must have are:

1. Negotiation Capacity:

 Having negotiation skills is essential in a real estate agent, because on a daily basis they will have to mediate between buyers, sellers, owners and tenants.

2. Professionalism:

The real estate agent has a highly responsible job because he handles large amounts of money and high-value properties. Therefore, it must transmit above all seriousness, professionalism, and experience.

3. Knowing how to relate:

In the real estate sector, you work with people, so an agent must be, above all, sociable and know how to create new contacts in a very casual way. Being friendly and approachable, among other things, helps build a good reputation.

4. Build trust:

Trust is basic in this business. If an agent does not know how to transmit it to his clients, he is lost. To do this, nothing better than to be sincere and honest with them.

Many wonders what they should study to train as a real estate agent? and the truth is that there is no specific training to be it. Many agents have studied in areas such as marketing, management and finance, law or architects and are excellent real estate agents, supplementing their experience with important qualities such as aptitude, character, and soft skills to achieve success.

However, it is also true that knowledge in management and administration is very useful, since an agent is not only in charge of showing properties and getting clients, but also of processing the necessary documentation and solving administrative problems that may appear along the way.

5. Listens

The ability to listen is one of the most valued skills in a real estate advisor, since doing so strengthens the relationship with the client, managing to understand their needs in order to show them the appropriate offers that correspond to their priorities and tastes.

6. Negotiation

The objective of a negotiation is to reach an agreement in which two parties are in agreement with the agreement. Thus, the ability to negotiate is essential in this sector to express oneself in an adequate way, giving clarity at all times during the process that is being carried out.

7. Determination

A person with determination builds confidence and has the ability to make good decisions. This determination will make the real estate consultant open many doors and not find many difficulties on his way to achieve his objectives.

Perseverance and discipline are added to the determination, which together train the mind to meet any objective set in the short, long or medium term.

8. Honesty

One of the best ways to build trust is to be honest. And it is precisely trust that you need to create in prospects to be able to close a sale. Register here to close more sales in less time!

Without a doubt, honesty will facilitate any type of transaction that is being carried out by maintaining a close relationship between the people involved and in this way, avoiding having misunderstandings and / or transmitting distorted information that generates problems.

9. Organization

The concept of organization is independent for each person. It is a daily effort, which each person chooses as it should be based on what it means to himself.

What can be generalized is that this sense of organization encourages real estate consultants to fulfill all their responsibilities, giving timely follow-up to all pending tasks. Fortunately, as a real estate consultant, there are tools that this organization will provide you, such as Nocnok.

Tips to be a real estate agent.

Maybe you have the skills to be a great real estate agent and you hadn’t even considered it. You could succeed in the big world of real estate as a good salesperson, but you didn’t know you had the ability to do it.

Some of the tips that a real estate agent should have.

I put myself in the shoes of others.

An agent must know how to listen and put himself in the shoes of his clients, both buyers and developers. Having an affinity with them is a fundamental aspect to be able to understand people and offer them the things that only he knows they need, since by putting yourself in their shoes, you can experience the sensations that the person will have when reviewing one or another real estate opportunity.

You speak up to your elbows.

The ability to speak is one that we all have, but few develop to a level that manages to be even “hypnotizing” with others.

Having negotiation skills is essential in a real estate agent, because on a daily basis you will have to mediate between buyers and sellers until you reach satisfactory agreements for both parties, while still looking equally pleasant for everyone.

Professional is your middle name.

It does not have to be your middle name literally, but it is totally true that the real estate agent has a very responsible job because he handles large amounts of money and high value properties.

Therefore, it is especially appreciated that you convey professionalism and experience.

By this we mean that having professional skills is a great key point to convince people and to convey confidence in the work that is being done.

Socializing is everything.

In the real estate sector, you work with people, so an agent must be, above all, sociable. Being able to interact with all kinds of people opens the doors to much more business. It is certainly not an easy skill to develop, but it is within everyone’s reach.

Being friendly and approachable, among other things, helps you get to people’s trust faster.

You have a real estate specialty.

The real estate industry is very broad and complex, so it is advisable to focus on a specific area. Luxury properties, vacation homes, houses or apartments for rent, etc

It does not matter which is the area that seems most convenient for you to develop, the important thing is that you specialize and can handle the subject with the same tranquillity and security that you have when breathing.

In any area of the real estate sector, use tools that facilitate the development of your activities. By registering here, you will be able to access the tool that allows you to avail Tajarat properties all offers.

People trust you

Trust is basic in any business, but more so in this one. Remember that being a real estate agent you are offering a product that the vast majority of people only buy once or twice in their lives. So transmitting confidence to others is essential to be able to go as far as possible.


A real estate agent is the professional trained to offer intermediation services, advice and management of transactions related to the sale, exchange, rent, real estate, etc.

Despite all the activities they carry out, real estate agents are classified according to the type of client they represent, they can work exclusively for one of the parties (buyer or seller), or work for both at the same time. Below we describe the types of profiles that exist of a real estate agent and the activities they carry out.

Buyer’s agent:

Works exclusively for his client, who aims to buy a property according to their requirements. Among its main functions are:

  • Locate properties that meet the needs, budget and taste of the client.
  • Advise his client to determine the type of property he needs to acquire.
  • Advise your client to make any possible offer or negotiation.
  • Evaluate the property, identifying any possible anomalies.
  • Accompany your client visiting the properties, before making the purchase decision.
  • Find financing plans.
  • Represent your client before any institution that is involved.
  • To support your client to collect the documentation that is required for the purchase process.
  • Advise your client at the time of signing the sale of the property.
  • In case of legal or technical processes, you must support your client if difficulties arise.

Seller’s agent:

It works exclusively with the seller; this type of client requires to sell their property in a certain time and at a commercial price that benefits them. Among its functions is:

  • Position the property in the real estate market according to a commercial price that has been made through an appraisal and according to the contracted bases.
  • Filter out the unsuitable offers.
  • Negotiate the price with potential buyers, taking care of the interests of your client.
  • Support your client to collect the documentation required for the buying and selling process.
  • If required to provide legal assistance.

Double agent:

This professional is dedicated to representing both the seller and the buyer, having the power to do so at the same time, their treatment must be impartial and fair before both clients. Among its functions is:

  • Position the seller’s property in the real estate market.
  • Select and show houses that meet the client’s requirements.
  • It will be responsible for negotiating the price for the benefit of the buyer and seller.
  • If required to provide legal assistance.

Now that you know the classification of the types of real estate agents that exist, analyse which one you want to become, at Lahore smart city we help you prepare to be a professional real estate expert. Don’t wait any longer and sign up for our training courses.