How to Make Him Fall in Love with You Again?

There can be many reasons why you want to know about How to Make Him Fall in Love with You Again. But, no matter what are the reasons are making him love you again can be very easy if you truly know him. If you think that your guy does not love you the way he loves you then here are the ways.

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How to Make Him Fall in Love with You Again

Let Him Miss You

To make him fall in love with you again you need to let him miss you. You can provide him with the helping hand as well a shoulder to cry on but refrain from handing yourself over to him. A man has psychological need that is described by the book as “hero instinct”. You need to let him be a hero I know you can do your own stuff but let him make you happy.

Make Him Chase You

Boys like to chase the girl. It is in the instinct of man that he wants to chase his girl and to provide her. I l know some times might not seem important to you but it is for the men.

Say Secrete Obsession Words

There are many secrete obsession words that you can say in order to capture his mind. Such words can stay in the unconscious mind and can be the source of remembering when he is in alone.

Don’t be Afraid to Flirt with Him

If you want to ignite the fire in him then you don’t have to be afraid of flirting with him. To make him love you like before try to make him laugh and stay in the common ground to talk about the things.


Communication is the key of understanding any relationship. You need to communicate more often and ask him about the things that are going in the relation. If he is not willing to talk you can know for his emotions that which things are hurting him. You can also ask him that why he does not love you the way he loves you before.


You need to forgive him and he should forgive you too and you both need to takes things from the start. You can also go to the place where we two first meet. You can ask him about the flaws that had lead both of you to this time.


When things gets neutral between you two, complement your man when he needs the most. Also, make him laugh and share its happiness as well as sadness.

Respect Each Other

Every relation is made on the respect. If your partner is not respecting you then you may face difficulties in the relationship. You need to respect him and in return he will respect you back. If not then he will not be suitable to be with you.


You can win your love back by following different things. Being in the relation for too long can take away the excitement. You can bring excitement to your relation by experiences new things together. The above mentioned things are also there that will help you to make him fall in love with your again.